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Media Release - 30th July 2002

'New Zealand based 3D animation specialist & CGI visual effects company puts out the feelers in Europe.'

SOL Productions, the London-based production service agency for Australia & New Zealand, have teamed up with Sector-14, the New Zealand based 3D animation specialist and CGI visual effects company.
SOL and Sector-14 are looking to establish ongoing working relationships with UK post houses.

A weak Kiwi dollar and a world-class quality product make Sector-14 an extremely attractive option for UK companies looking to farm out work abroad. In this economic climate, saving money has become paramount and New Zealand has established itself as a destination worth considering.

"Our lower production costs and overheads means we can deliver a top quality product without compromising on production values. A £60k job in London will cost around £20k in New Zealand. Essentially, tripling your budget." said David Stubbs, a director at Sector-14.

New Zealand's post production industry has come of age recently. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and UK Channel 5's Dark Knight Series kept New Zealand graphics personnel extremely busy in the past few years. "A lull in the market means we now have time to try and attract more foreign work to our Wellington offices" added David.

A visit to SOL Productions website www.sol-productions.co.uk can show you some examples of work recently produced by the Sector-14 team.

For further information, Sector-14 can be contacted through their London-based agent

SOL Productions
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SOL Productions teams up with New Zealand company FilmScouts to market the amazing potential of New Zealand for superior and diverse locations. Peter Stubbs of SOL Productions adds: "SOL Productions prides itself with working with the best and film scouts New Zealand not only rate as one of the best for location management and scouting but their new interactive database of location photos is exceptional." Click Locations in the menu!

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